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1988 - 2024

tfa   thomas fritzsche architects

German reliability + German quality 


tfa is a German office founded in 1988 by Thomas Fritzsche

in Stuttgart, Germany.

Since 2005 tfa has been based in Shanghai, China

and operates an office in Köln (Cologne), Germany. 


With 36 years of experience in Germany and Asia,

291 designed projects and 124 completed buildings

tfa always ensures German reliability + German quality.


the workplace specialist

With many designed and realised projects such as

industrial areas, commercial parks, office buildings and

office interiors, tfa consistently developed a strong expertise

as a well-recognised and forward-thinking workplace specialist.


Through participation in conferences, trade fairs and research on workplace design this expertise has constantly been strengthened.


client advisor

To guarantee the success of a project, tfa works on the following topics, before starting the design process


o client's motivation and expectation 

o general aim of the project

o relation of the project to the urban context

o sustainable function-mix

o unit sizes according to market needs

scope of services

tfa designs and supervises all stages of a project

o master planning

o architectural design

o interior design

o landscape design

o monitoring external planers

o construction supervision

German Sustainable Building Council  DGNB


Following the DGNB, we are convinced, the quality of our environment

has a direct influence on our quality of life.


As urban planners, architects and interior designers we have the opportunity,

to design surroundings of the highest quality and the obligation, to protect the environment.

At tfa we are deeply convinced, that the only way to achieve this, is through sustainable design.

Indian Green Building Council  IGBC


Thomas Fritzsche is the first foreign member of the IGBC.

tfa fully supports the vision of the IGBC . . . 'to enable a

sustainable built environment for all and facilitate India to be one

of the global leaders in the sustainable built environment by 2025'.

Our motto 'simplicity is sustainability' is completely in line with the aim

of the IGBC and helps create role-model projects that benefit all.

German network 2_edited_edited.png

German network


tfa works with a network of renowned German specialists, to offer cutting-edge technology to all clients

o universities and research institutes

o structural engineers, MEP engineers and other engineers

Being closely connected to the German Chamber of Commerce,

tfa can provide help to find German investors. 



tfa works for a wide variety of clients like

o local government bodies

o state-owned enterprises

o real estate developers

o private companies and individuals

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