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simplicity is sustainability

simplicity is the cornerstone of sustainability.


simplicity makes buildings functional, flexible and adaptable, and therefore future-proof and value-stable.


simplicity brings forth buildings that meet market and client needs as well as user expectations, conserve resources, use fewer materials, provide user-friendly interiors and positively impact the environment.

simplicity results in buildings with compact volumes, small building envelopes, suitable supporting structures, adequate floor heights, efficient circulation systems, healthy materials and proven details.

simplicity creates buildings of enduring beauty and timeless elegance.

036   years of experience

291   designed projects

124   completed buildings

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tfa | thomas fritzsche architects

Zülpicher Straße 217

50937 Köln (Cologne)


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tfa | thomas fritzsche architects

588 Dalian Road

Baodi Plaza, Tower B, 7.F

200082 Shanghai

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