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BAU China interview with Thomas Fritzsche

On 23.10.2020 BAU China had the opportunity to talk to Thomas Fritzsche, the founder and head of design of tfa | thomas fritzsche architects.

tfa is a German office founded 1988 by Thomas Fritzsche in Stuttgart in Germany.

Since 2005 tfa is based in Shanghai in China and operates an office in Köln in Germany.

BAU China:

In 2019 tfa and you joined the BAU China in Shanghai as exhibitor and speaker. This year tfa is the official sponsor of the BAU China 2020 in Beijing. What are your expectations for this year?

Thomas Fritzsche:

The participation in 2019 gave tfa the opportunity to introduce our projects and our company philosophy to a very wide range of high-level clients and government officials. We could showcase, how tfa works and why tfa is a good choice for Chinese clients.

BAU China:

Please describe tfa to our readers. What is different in the way tfa works and what are the benefits for clients to work with tfa?

Thomas Fritzsche:

tfa has 32 years of experience in urban planning, architecture and interior design. We have designed 174 projects and completed 85 buildings in Germany and Asia.

All clients of tfa benefit from this huge resource and we guarantee in everything we do, the highest quality and best value for our clients.

As German architects, tfa focuses not only on the concept of a project. We focus on every detail from the first sketch to the final completion of a project and beyond. We know, only satisfied clients will come back to us and recommend us to other clients.

A big benefit for tfa’s clients is, that we consult all clients even before starting the design process. We help our clients to define the project aim, to decide the function-mix and to choose the unit-sizes according to the market needs.

BAU China:

Among many other architects from all around the world, you will speak at the BAU China Congress about the ‘Future of Living and Working’. What will you introduce to the audience?

Thomas Fritzsche:

I will introduce ‘The Sustainable Office Tower’, a project that tfa has developed together with the German engineers EGS-plan.

This project introduces a type of office high-rise building, that reflects contemporary trends of workplace design and creates a healthy and attractive work-environment in a sustainable way.

We will demonstrate, that sustainable buildings are the better buildings and will be the only choice in the future.

We will to show that sustainable buildings do not cost more than conventional buildings and that they guarantee a safer return of investment.

We believe that the Chinese society and real-estate market is very open-minded for sustainable buildings and offers huge opportunities.

BAU China:

That sounds very promising. It seems you have a strong vision and clear goals for the future of tfa. Will tfa and will you continue to work in China?

Thomas Fritzsche:

tfa and I will definitely stay in China. China has a huge market and is focusing more and more on environment protection. I believe as German architects with 15 years of experience in China, tfa can contribute a lot to support this development.

Our long-established connections to German specialists, research institutes and universities, combined with our deep knowledge and understanding of the Chinese culture and market, makes tfa very attractive for Chinese clients.

BAU China:

We wish you and tfa all the best for the future in China and we hope to see you also on the BAU China 2021 in Shanghai.

Thomas Fritzsche:

Thank you very much. I am sure, we will meet on the BAU China 2021 in Shanghai.

Editor’s note:

Thomas Fritzsche will speak on the BAU China Congress in Bejing on 31.10.2020 at 10:15 am in Hall W1, 1.325 of the China International Exhibition Center (NCIEC)

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