Lighting laboratory in Lamotte-Beuvron

The avant-garde can work in the provinces, too: For French lighting manufacturer Sammode, Parisian studio FREAKS Architecture converted a former printing works into an experimental hybrid of office, workshop, laboratory, and showroom. The neon tubes, LEDs and lighting solutions produced by the Société d’Application des Méthodes Modernes d’Éclairage électrique (Sammode for short) illuminate railway stations, car parks and façades, residential buildings, offices and schools, libraries, theaters and museums, hotels, restaurants, and swimming baths. Founded in 1927 in the tranquil town of Châtillon-sur-Saône in the Vosges mountains, the family-run company now has its headquarters in Paris, and since 2019 a new research and innovation center around 20 minutes outside the center of Lamotte-Beuvron has supplemented the realm of these lighting experts as a third location.

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