studio 10's office marries transparency and privacy in minimalist harmony

China-based architecture and design practice studio 10 opens the doors of its new office in Shenzhen, a transparent and monochromic open space with a sprinkle of industrial design. The regular chastity of modern architecture contrasts with softness and subtleness of white linen drapes used in the space as partitions and shades.

The interior design of studio 10 aims to create a clean, well-lit, easy space that nurtures creativity and innovation while providing spatial and programmatic versatility. The office’s predominantly black-and-white color palette, its open ceiling system, together with the architectural concrete floor implies the minimalist, normcore philosophy of design.

The entire studio area is designed to be a fluid, transparent open space without any solid partition. conference room and office folding doors are usually completely open and only closed to provide acoustic and visual privacy when necessary. White linen drapes are extensively used in studio 10 – in addition to sun shading, they also offer spatial partition and visual privacy. Cafe, lounge, and outdoor terrace areas are present throughout the office, creating break-out, communicational or brainstorming scenes for designers.

The white lacquered metal racks along the side wall can be used for storage, model display as well as accommodating planters. At 2.5 m above floor, a few sets of black painted metal frames are interconnected to form ‘loops’ and can be used for hanging pin-up boards, installing drape rail and track lighting.

architects: studio 10

location: nhecool, Shenzhen, China

text: Maria Erman | designboom

fotos: chao zhang