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Office Park and Exhibition Centre, Zhangqui

thomas fritzsche architects | tfa completed the preliminary design of the first buildings of the office park in the Zhangqui district of Jinan in Shandong/China.

The project is located in the entrance area of a huge office park for the local automotive industry.

It is composed of an administration building with 8,000 sqm, an office block of 5 buildings with together 12,000 sqm and an exhibition centre of 20,000 sqm.

To create an attractive and well-working office park the design of the first stage additionally offers areas for shops, restaurants and sport.

The building design is kept very rational and elegant. The main structure is a combination of concrete and steel structures. The elevations are planned as glass curtain walls.

Green roofs and partly greened elevations are added to influence the micro climate.


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