1988 - 2018 / 30 Years



On 19.02.1988, at the age of 29, Thomas Fritzsche founded thomas fritzsche architects | tfa in Stuttgart / Germany.


While working in reknown German design companies from 1988 - 1996, Thomas Fritzsche already took part in design competitions and worked on projects under his own name.

From 1996 Thomas Fritzsche and a team of former colleagues and classamtes, exclusively worked on projects commissioned to thomas fritzsche architects | tfa.

In the year 2006 thomas fritzsche architects | tfa and the Chinese design firm Feitong established the FTA group as a cooperation platform on the Chinese market.

Since 2005 thomas fritzsche architects | tfa is headquartered in Shanghai / China.

Also since 2005 thomas fritzsche architects | tfa operates an office in Köln / Germany in cooperation with the design firm Joachim Waack Architekt.


thomas fritzsche architects | tfa is widely acclaimed for delivering outstanding design quality and profound  understanding of client requirements.


30 years of experience,

160 designed projects and 77 finished buildings.


German Experience - German Quality 


Today, on 19.02.2018, thomas fritzsche architects | tfa  celebrates it's 30th anniversary.  





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