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Industrie 4.0 Forum Shanghai, China

On 25.10.2017 Thomas Fritzsche attended the Industrie 4.0 Forum, organized by the AHK German Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai.

As architects we are planning industrial areas or office parks and here we often have to deal with the idea of our clients to build a project according to Industry 4.0.

It was very interesting to hear from leaders of famous companies, that Industriy 4.0 has long been misunderstood as a branding tool or as an objective itself, while the real purpose of the production, to deliver good products, has almost been of secondary importance.

Nowadays, it was stated unanimously by all speakers, many companies are focusing on a feasible way into Industry 4.0. Their first priorities on this way are the customer experience and the professional development of their employees on all levels.

For more information about the Industrie 4.0 Forum Shanghai, please visit:


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