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Construction Update: Sino-German Industry Park in Changxing, China

On 24.10.2017 we visited the construction site together with the client.

After 6 month of planning and 12 month of construction the project is now almost finished and it seems everything was realized as we planned it. Only a few things needed to be adjusted on site.

Our conclusion so far is, even so we reduced our design as much as possible to a very simple solution, we will try to be more strict next time. The simpler our approach would be, the easier it would be to build it and the less mistakes would be likely to happen in the last, but most important steps during the construction phase.

see the project page

administration building from main road on the East side

factories from the road on the South side

factory elevation with aluminum panels and big windows

inside a factory building

skylights on the factory roofs

loading zone on the North side


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