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Mixed-Use Area in Caofedian, Tangshan, China

On 19.10.2017 we introduced our planning proposal to the local administration of Caofedian and to our client CEG.

The aim of the planning was to create a viivd mixed-use area along the coastline of Caofedian.

Office areas, hotels, mixed-use buildings, cultural buildings, residential areas and recreational areas had to be combined on the 1.53 skm big plot 5.

Our design approach used the model of the European city as a reference. We believe, that in a new area like in Caofedian, it is most important to create a structure that is able to support an urban live-style with higher density, squares, streets and parks. For us the European city is the only approach that proofed throughout history, that it works well and can be adopted to any future development.

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bird's eye view from the South-East

bird's eye view from the South-West

site plan


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